My Life Would Suck Without You!

I know this song came out a while ago, but I just heard it the other day, and it kindof grates at my nerves. I like Kelly Clarkson, I do. I think she's very talented, and some of her songs are great. But seriously, My Life Would Suck Without You? Does that translate to "I'm codependent, I need to be with someone, I can't handle being by myself?"
I used to be like that. If I broke up with the boyfriend at the time, I thought my life was over. Depression would hit me like a ton of bricks, I wouldn't eat unless someone made me, I slept all the time, got behind in school or work, and life generally sucked. But that's a choice. My most recent relationship ended because of a screw-up on my part, and yeah, I cried my eyes out. If I could take back my mistakes I would do it in a heartbeat. If my lover told me that he would give me another chance I would cry tears of joy. But if he doesn't- and I don't think he will -I'll be okay. I still take time once in a while to cry for what might have been. I was gonna marry him. Since I have the day off (and I know he doesn't) I'll go to a place we shared and write, or perhaps draw. I'll sing a melancholy tune, maybe shed a few tears... And then I'll come back and get on with my life.
My life was enriched by him, but it doesn't suck without him.


Betsey Johnson, Two Lips

I am a sucker for shoes. I have at least fifty pairs, many of which have never been worn. (I'm working on it, it's not as if they go bad!) This spring, I am so tickled that cut-out wedges are back in style. I've always loved them, and I just can't get enough! Check these out. In the past, I've found wedges to be uncomfortable, but I'd give it another try for one of these babies.

The white ones (Betsey Johnson) I would love to pair with long shorts and jeans all summer.

The croc-print (Two Lips), which I want in blue, I would pair with a floaty skirt, and again, jeans. You can't really go wrong with them!

I think the jewels are a little tacky on these (Two Lips), but somehow I like them anyway. Purple is my favorite, which I'd also put mostly with jeans, and occasionally with a skirt.

I'm torn between the orange and turquoise (Two Lips). I'm fair skinned, so I look terrible in orange, but on shoes it might not be too bad. And with the right outfit (like purple) the orange would really pop! But the turquoise would get more wear from me; it's too bad I can't get one of each!

I just love the wedge/ heel on these (Two Lips). I think the design is gorgeous! Sadly, I'm on the shorter side, so I'm hesitant to wear ankle straps. I've also found them to be uncomfortable in the past. Oh well, a girl can dream!

If I could get just one pair, I think I'd get the blue crocs. I can't really justify a purchase like that right now though, since I'm not even allowed to wear them at school! (Required to wear closed toes.) My plan is to wait until they go on clearance sale, but since I wear a US8, my size is usually sold out. We'll see!

All five pairs available on www.victoriassecret.com.